The North Face Jacket World Cup finals, Croatia eliminated in

  • Rakitic won the World Cup finals with Croatia Barcelona midfielder in the play-off second round match with Greece kicked the audience, the two teams make a big deal. Rakitic won the World Cup finals with Croatia Rakitic is Barclays final finals of the Russian The North Face Jacket World Cup finals, Croatia eliminated in the play-off Greece. The second leg in Greece, the two teams each other in vain, so with the first leg of the Croatian home 4-1 victory, Rakitic teams do wish to enter the summer of the world cup. Barcelona midfielder play this campaign for 90 minutes, is one of the key members of the team qualify. In the qualifier, he participated in a total of eight games, scoring a goal in the face of Turkey. Rakitic added to the Barcelona international promotion list of the World Cup, only the Silesian Netherlands, Turan Turkey was eliminated, a total of 22 international have a chance to participate in the Russian World Cup finals. Italian media score: Buffon this end is murdering Ventura drowsiness Italy home 0 0 flat Sweden, missed the World Cup. The following is the Italian "Evening Post" post comment and score. Clank man tears always makes people sad Buffon: 6 His eyes were red when playing the national anthem. The North Face Jacket Feel the goodbye mood. Crane's shot let him back to reality. It's the only save. But this conclusion is a murder. Barzagli: 6 36 years old, 3 days to play two games is a luxury, but he paid all. Shortly after opening, he received a yellow card, after which he was almost caught in handball in the restricted area. Bonucci 6 No desire to give in, wear an hour mask simply throw away. Unfortunately, he also wastes a lot of long pass. Near the end of the game before an important rescue. Chiellini 6 An opening is the headwind, 9 minutes because of the protest eaten yellow card, restricted area to Tuoyonen fouled by the referee forgiveness. Candelawa 5 It was hard work to get away from Augustine, or you could get past your opponent, but you missed the corner and the corner kick was a mistake. The first important opportunity for the match was him, shot in the 27th minute. Parolo 5.5 Lost, pressure, trying to lead the team, but too lonely. Ruozio 6 1 minute did not play the official game, starting in such a crucial match. A little bit to adapt to the problem, grasp the acceleration of the attack and defense conversion is not enough, but not lack of excellent handling of the ball. Florentine 6 Returned to the national team after 13 months, after the opening even over-excited. After finding the feeling almost broke. But mere moth-dog can not solve the problem. Damian 4.5 The best player on the road, disappointing at San Siro, is only one pass. In Mobil 5 Full of energy, direct contact can create threats, especially by Magnus saved the shot. But some important ball handling mistakes. Gabbyadini 5 The second start, basic mobile eligibility. The only one he had to kill to pass, he did not arrive. Sarawi 5.5 A beautiful shot, but shot the goalkeeper, he got the only chance. Belotti 5 Did not find a key blow. Ventura can be fantastic Ventura 4 180 minutes did not scored this solid though the performance is not outstanding Want to buy all kinds of accessories, clothes, shoes, please enter my store