RecognitionSo Poeltl FIFA Coins has

  • RecognitionSo Poeltl FIFA Coins has slipped though he could still go to picks ahead of some of these players with similar upside or higher due to their specialtiesYou could make an argument that its a win if you draft Poeltl in the lottery and feel confident about his chances of being a rotational big Maybe you even think Im underselling his upside and believe he


     has AllStar potentialBut think about it this way The running back is still an important position in the NFL You have to be able to run the ball just like you have to be able to protect the rim and rebound in the NBA But teams arent feeding the ball to their backs like they used to because the passing attack is so lethal and running back production is


     replaceable by mitteeAs a result running backs drop in the draft because of their lessened importance The same could be happening with nonelite bigs The NBA Draft is different of course since there are only two rounds But the same logic applies because of the decreased emphasis on the post up Teams simply might not get the best bang for their


    buck by drafting a traditional big like Poeltl in the top Investing Cheap FIFA Coins a high pick in a player thatll likely receive only minutes per game in the playoffs means youre missing out on a potentially more versatile wing or forwardThe smallball revolution is happening fast As more teams copy the Warriors style of play well see more teams going small Even this year


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