Leaving the team after games FIFA Coins due to a bad

  • Leaving the team after games FIFA Coins  due to a bad back and exhaustion Under interim Pete Gaudet Duke would go in conference play and set a school record for lossesBut somehow that Duke team got that UNC team to overtime The Tar Heels were up three with enormous Dutch blonde man Serge Zwikker at the line and he missed a free throw For some


     reason up three with seconds remaining UNC had zero players contesting the rebound nobody but Zwikker on the same side of the court as the free throw and three players standing within the threepoint arc that Duke would never think about crossing because they were down three The Blue Devils got a clean run across halfcourt and Jeff Capel


    hoisted a runner from feetThe game went to double overtime and this might shock you Dick Vitale went NUTSIt's a minor miracle that trash Duke team was able to hold it together against a great UNC team minutes but they couldn't last another five All their shots to send it to a third overtime missed and UNC wonThanks to the multiple people


    who suggested this one tooReggie Miller NBA PlayoffsThe Nets had the  Buy FIFA Mobile Coins upper hand in the decisive Game and really should've eliminated the Pacers in regulation Richard Jefferson the same Richard Jefferson who played in Wednesday night's Cavs game I swear I swear it's the same person went to the line up three with four seconds remaining If he


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