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  • Female mammary Buy MU2 Online Zen glands, labia, vagina, etc, over broadcast TV but no more penis please! 2. "tallywacker" I was watching game 4 of the NBA finals last night on ABC, and the camera had a close up on LeBron James, who was adjusting his shorts, and then pulled down his boxers and the camera had a close up of his tallywacker. This is the type of


    stuff I would expect from Game of Thrones, but not from the American Broadcasting Channel. At least I now know that I am bigger than the purportedly "biggest" star in the NBA... 3. A complaint about an entirely different show on an entirely different medium not featuring LeBron James' penis at all, actually. This morning on Z100 Elvis Duran morning


    show, Elvis Duran was discussing in lengthy detail the size of his penis in comparison to his onair colleagues. The group then went on to discuss and describe Lebron James penis which they have seen online and all expressed envy and awe. It was prurient and totally inappropriate for the morning drive. Elvis Duran a selfdescribed homosexual


    also said he would "rather have sex with a woman" than Cheap MU Legend Zen one of his male colleagues. I found that statement degrading and demeaning to women. 4. The factual snitch without spellcheck During the game list night, LeBron James exposed himself to the cameras 5. The person who sent in a complaint knowing that eventually a sports blog would request



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