Before Tom Brady became the starting quarterback

  • Before Tom Brady became the starting quarterback, New England Patriots had two Thanksgiving games, but failed. Probably strength or destiny, Brady led the Patriots in Thanksgiving but victory in World War III. The 2002 season against Detroit Lions, this is his first fight for Thanksgiving, 210 yards 0 touchdowns 1 steals performance is fair, but enough to Madden 18 Coins help the team beat the poor male lion.


    Eight years later, the two teams met Thanksgiving again, this time Brady daze, the audience down 341 yards 4 touchdowns, the quarterback score is full 158.3, the team in the first three equally divided section fourth Hit the other a 21-0, made a big victory. This also made him a matter of course won the turkey MVP representative of the game. By the 2012 season, the Patriots' Thanksgiving opponents replaced the New York Jets, which belong to the Midland East. The Brady is still mercilessly, outgoing 323 yards 3 touchdowns plus 1 own rushing ball touchdowns, quarterback score as high as 144.5, the second quarter put the game to play, the final away win 30 points , Once again MVP income in the bag.