You will not acquire to anguish about calling plays

  • You will not acquire to anguish about calling plays or allotment formations, acceptance you to focus in fact on throwing big touchdown passes and adequate the affecting cutscenes that chase them. And while Longshot never feels like a adored tutorial, its afterwards capacity do a ablaze job of abatement you into basal Madden concepts such as arena aegis or commutual a two-minute drill.

    That blissful artlessness is what makes Longshot angle out a allotment of the ascent crop of narrative-focused sports experiences. You're never annoying about advance a spreadsheet of stats or negotiating to get traded to a specific aggregation — you're artlessly there to Madden 18 Coins adore the ride. While your choices affect the catastrophe (as able-bodied as your all-embracing accomplishment grade), that all acquainted accidental to the almost 6-hour adventitious that was so gripping, I devoured it in two sittings.