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  • The Wild Agenda annular of the NFL Playoffs bliss off this weekend with a slate of four amateur alignment from amusing (Raiders at Texans) to anticipated (Dolphins at Steelers, Lions at Seahawks) to this should apparently be demography abode in a afterwards annular (Giants at Packers.) Needless to say, it’s not the a lot of blood-tingling Wild Agenda annular we’ve anytime seen, which opens the aperture for Madden 17 to inject a little bit of activity to what has acquainted like a down year in the NFL.

    I’m traveling to burden from alms opinions about all of the things amiss with the NFL in a column that ultimately boils down to a meant-for-fun Madden 17 simulation of the 2017 NFL playoffs, but in an accomplishment to advertise you on this abstraction I will say that there is no way the absolute NFL Playoffs bout the applesauce Madden 17 is admiration in the simulation you are about to read Buy Madden 18 Coins. It goes places we’ve never been.

    Most NFL pundits are admiration a absolute accessible New England Patriots run to the Air-conditioned Bowl vs. a weak, afflicted AFC Madden Mobile Coins. The NFC is a lot beneath predictable, but Vegas still has the No. 1 berry Dallas Cowboys as favorites, with a lot of money cloudburst into sportsbooks everywhere on the red hot Blooming Bay Packers.Madden 17, though, cares not for your predictions, pundits. Madden 17 cares not for your odds, Vegas. Madden 17 marches to its own beat, and boy did Madden march.Without added ado – here’s how Madden 17 is admiration the 2017 NFL Playoffs will go down. Buckle up, it’s a doozy.